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Merete Sanderhoff

  • Network Association Member
  • Members Council Member
  • Network Association Management Board Member
  • Chair of Network Association / Foundation Governing Board Member
  • Curator / Senior Advisor of Digital Museum Practice

  • Statens Museum for Kunst

  • Denmark

  • Museum

My work at SMK (the national gallery of Denmark) centers around opening up the digitised collections and inviting the public to build on our common heritage for learning, creativity and innovation. I’ve initiated the Sharing is Caring conferences to foster cross-sector dialogue on the potentials and challenges in a digital age shaped by sharing economy and remix culture. I’m a first generation Europeana Members Councillor and elected member of the Board – a job that has taught me that hands-on people like me can take active part in shaping how we want our sector to evolve on a European level.

Speaking at

  • 2 — 4
    09:00 — 15:30

    Europeana Network Association AGM 2015

    1019 HC Amsterdam, Netherlands

    On 3 and 4 November 2015 we will hold our annual key event for Europeana and its network. It provides the opportunity for Europeana and its partners to share, discuss and develop specific areas of mutual interest.

  • 20 — 21
    16:30 — 16:45

    Sharing is Caring Hamburg 2017

    Sharing is Caring is spreading to other countries and the first edition outside Denmark will be held in Hamburg, Germany on 20/21 April 2017 at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg and at the University of Hamburg, Institute for Cultural Anthropology. As digitization has become a major task for the cultural heritage sector, more and more cultural institutions are providing access to their digitized collections. But sharing is not only about creating online access, it is about sharing the authority to interpret the digitized assets and to create value by opening them up for reuse.

  • 20
    09:30 — 18:30

    Sharing is Caring – Brussels Extension

    1000 Bruxelles, Belgium


    Opening up with Wikimedia #SharecarexBXL Registration is now open! Free admission.

    Sharing is Caring is a conference platform focused on collaboration and sharing in the cultural heritage sector, bringing together practitioners, researchers, and users of culture.

    In analogy to the TED conferences and local TEDx extensions, the format is spreading from the core-event in Denmark to other countries, where local extensions address the topics that are close to their heart and their community.

  • 30
    10:00 — 16:30

    MuseumNext Tech

    10969 Berlin, Germany

    MuseumNext Tech, a one day conference on the digital side of museums, brings together leading practitioners from seven countries to share their work on how museums are using collections, wearables, games, VR and Chatbots.

  • 19 — 21
    10:00 — 16:00

    Sharing is Caring: Digitisation and social impact?

    Denmark, Denmark


    The 5th international Sharing is Caring seminar will be held in Aarhus 19-21 November 2017. Speakers, workshops, and programme will be announced in the next few months – stay tuned #sharecare17

    The digitisation of cultural heritage collections has been going on for several decades now, promising unprecedented potentials for the GLAM sector to fulfil its public mission of opening up knowledge and culture to the participation and enjoyment of all citizens.

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