23 — 24
13:00 — 15:00

Europeana Strategy Meeting: Migration and Culture

Conference centre of Ħaġiar Qim
Triq Hagar Qim
Il-Qrendi QRD 2501

This **invite only** 1.5 day meeting is under the auspices of the Europeana DSI2 and is organised by Europeana Foundation and the Ministry of Education through the National Archives in Malta during the Maltese Presidency and will take place at the Conference centre of Hagar Qim on 23 and 24 May 2017.

This Presidency meeting is a high-level strategy meeting, primarily targeted at policymakers of EU member states, as a means to raise awareness among them about what Europeana does and how it can help them in their own work. So far, we’ve organised meetings on the (re-)use of digital cultural heritage in four domains of Research, Tourism, Education and the Creative Industries. At these meetings, policymakers and experts in the respective fields discussed ways to stimulate and facilitate this re-use.

The purpose of this event is to build on the “Europeana for Education Policy Recommendations” designed in May 2015, and more specifically “Recommendation II. Prioritise the provision of ‘Fit for Education and Learning’ content by cultural heritage institutions and ministries”.

The event entitled "Migration and Culture: how can our past educate our present" will address how Cultural Heritage Institutions can better cater for migration themes to address the requirements of the community of educators.

The event will be organised in the premises of the Conference centre of Ħaġiar Qim in Malta on May 23-24, 2017.

It will feature 3 tracks:

  • Current recommendation status and ambition
  • Practical use-cases in the EU
  • Round-tables featuring relevant players in the field

These 3 tracks will help us design the next phase of the recommendations and inform Europeana’s future #AllezCulture campaign focused on migration.

Front Elevation for a Monument to the Unknown Soldier | Antonio Sciortino | 1954 | National Museum of Fine Arts - MUZA (Heritage Malta)