Europeana Fashion at Bologna's University Workshop: "From Fashion Research to Digital Timeline"

Author: Dylan Colussi
The workshop “From Fashion Research to Digital Timeline” curated by Cecilia Cestari and Alessia Zucca, part of ZoneModa Fashion and Creativity Summerschool 2015 took place from the 16th to the 18th of June in Rimini, Italy. Aiming to show how web media and technology can transform the research and cataloguing of fashion objects in a moment of creativity, graphic experimentation, and new communication strategies, the workshop focused on the history of 20th century fashion. The three days of workshop overviewed both online and offline research methods, also visiting the “Archivi di Ricerca Mazzini” to get to know garments, details and trends of the different decades of the century. During the final session of this rich and exciting program Alessandra Arezzi Boza, communication Director for Europeana Fashion presented the results achieved in all the Project related activities, with a huge quote of its successful communication strategy and on creative re-use of fashion contents, while introducing for the first time the future goals of the newborn Europeana Fashion International Association (EFIA). For more informations about the workshop and other related activities, please visit: